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​Raffa works with small, medium and large business throughout the Washington region – and beyond.

We provide strategic planning, tax, audit, accounting, technology, financial systems services, corporate social responsibility (CSR), financial planning and human resources consulting for corporations, partnerships and individual business owners. We work across all industries including real estate, consulting, health care, retail, government contracting, professional services and publishing.

We are mentors, collaborators, connectors and cheerleaders. We seek out like-minded businesses who are looking to have an impact on the world – and on the bottom line. We have been building a community of kindred spirits for more than 30 years and we are excited by the opportunities on the horizon.

Our experts bring value to enterprises of all sizes and scopes. We are able to tailor our offerings to meet the needs of small startups with visions to make a difference, to complex corporations who are impacting the region and the world.

Raffa has the ability to cover all back-office support capabilities (including human resources, cloud technologies, financial systems and basic accounting functionality) to free up business leaders to focus on what they do best. Our tax team specializes in creative tax planning and solutions for closely-held business and their owners providing sophisticated advice on complex tax arrangements. Our experts bring their knowledge and experience with tax laws, their understanding of today’s business climate and a genuine interest in helping clients succeed and grow.

At Raffa, we view every client as an invitation and opportunity to make the world a better place. We contribute to our clients’ abilities to achieve their missions and deliver their promises to their community, employees and stakeholders.

Our mission is to do more and work toward a world that is more just, caring and sustainable through Social Impact, Partnership, Excellence, Diversity and Stewardship.

  • We respect clients’ unique strengths and assets and work as partners to build organizational capacity, knowledge and wealth.
  • We are passionate about exceptional service, continuous growth and improvement.
  • We believe in the power of diversity – from our highly diverse team to our commitment to building diversity into actions and results.
  • We are good and careful stewards of our clients’ key resources and information.
Companies for Causes Founding Member
Spearheaded by Tom Raffa, CEOs of several closely-held mid-sized companies in and around D.C. have joined forces to make a collective impact on the D.C. community - far greater than any one of the firms could achieve alone.