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The Foundation for Contemporary Mental Health provides substance abuse treatment services in Washington, D.C.
“We have just completed two years of using Raffa as our HR Outsource firm. Before making our decision, we had interviewed three firms. We found Raffa’s price to be reasonable and competitive with the other firms we interviewed. We chose them because of their non-profit knowledge, their history and stability, and their menu of services. In addition to using them for HR, we also outsource our accounting and other financial services to Raffa.

“I could not be more pleased! I have found the firm and their staff to be helpful, responsive, supportive, professional, patient, and knowledgeable about all aspects of HR. They are timely and accurate in the details and execution of payroll and benefits administration. They represent us well and appropriately in dealing with our staff about HR issues. They have my complete trust and…I do not have a single complaint.

"Contracting with Raffa definitely is an anxiety saver and of course, as a non-profit, we could never afford to hire the broad spectrum of HR professionals that it would take to get the job done and provide us with the expertise we need from time to time when those sensitive HR problems arise. Those are the two biggest pros from my perspectives and that is why this contract has been the perfect solution for us.”

Audrey F. Cannamela
The Foundation for Contemporary Mental Health