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Federal Funding - What You Don't Know Can HURT You!

The OMB Uniform Guidance proposes a more fair and equitable treatment of nonprofits providing services under programs funded by the federal government.  This requires every nonprofit earning federal funds, either directly or indirectly, to take actions to ensure compliance.  Join Raffa as we illustrate steps to create a culture of compliance and sustainability in the federally funded marketplace.

Raffa Technology
Seth Zarny, Raffa Partner
Glenn Anstead, Raffa Partner
Buu-Linh Tran, Raffa Senior Manager
9/26/2018 9:00 AM EST
9/26/2018 11:00 AM EST
Raffa - 1899 L Street, NW, Suite 850, Washington, DC 20036
Specialized Knowledge
1. OMB Uniform Guidance Updates 2. Grants Management Best Practices 3. Standards for Internal Controls 4. How your systems can support compliance and sustainability
8/6/2018 12:00 AM
​"The speaker was able to impart the technical topic in an easily understood manner for those non-tech people attending. He responded to questions well, and helped people understand both the issues and solutions."

Raffa Learning Community Attendee