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*NONPROFIT EXCLUSIVE: How Much Should My Nonprofit Target for Reserves?

​Keeping reserves for a “rainy day” is a good practice for all nonprofit institutions, but how much should your organization set aside? A percentage of annual budget? Three-to-six months? Our answer is: it depends. Each nonprofit is unique and can experience distinct unexpected circumstances that may affect its long-term financial health.

This session, led by mark Murphy of Raffa Wealth Management, will focus on how to conduct a risk assessment that will assist your nonprofit in quantifying financial risks and opportunities. Once completed, this risk assessment aims to assist in finding the appropriate reserve level for your unique organization.

Whether you are in the initial phases of creating your nest egg or revaluating longstanding reserve levels, this session is for you.

Raffa Wealth Management
Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer
Dennis Gogarty, President
4/17/2018 9:00 AM EST
4/17/2018 11:00 AM EST
Raffa - 1899 L Street, NW, Suite 850, Washington, DC 20036
Specialized Knowledge
Better understand what levels of reserves other organizations are maintaining. A clear, objective process to determine the right amount of funds held in reserve for your organization.
2/27/2018 12:00 AM
2/27/2018 12:00 AM
Dennis Gogarty
​"The speaker was able to impart the technical topic in an easily understood manner for those non-tech people attending. He responded to questions well, and helped people understand both the issues and solutions."

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