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*NEW Northern Virginia Location -- NON-PROFIT EXCLUSIVE: Inside CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the Non-profit

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the idea that a for-profit company should focus on more than just the bottom line by also investing in its people and the community. As there is no “one-size-fits all” model, it is critical for non-profit leaders to understand CSR fundamentals in order to successfully develop mutually beneficial relationships with for-profit partners.  

In this 2-hour interactive session, CSR Consultants Cliff Yee and Carol Chin-Fatt from Raffa, P.C. will explore how businesses today develop and implement CSR strategies and how that impacts your partnership strategies. Topics and discussion will include: the broad scope of CSR, case studies to illustrate best practices, how to develop strong, mission-aligned partnerships, and how forward thinking companies are investing in CSR.

Part I: CSR  Fundamentals
• What is CSR?
• Why do companies engage in CSR?
• Establish the context of CSR today
• Explore how companies partner with nonprofits

Part II: Effectively Partnering with Forward Leaning Companies
• A framework for creating strategic partnerships
• The rise of B Corps
• Inside the mindset of corporate funders

If you would like to participate in this event via web, please email registration@raffa.com for details.

Raffa CSR Group
Cliff Yee, Managing Director, CSR Services
Carol Chin-Fatt, Engagement Leader, CSR Services
3/28/2017 9:00 AM EST
3/28/2017 11:00 AM EST
American College of Radiology - 1891 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 20191
• Develop a clear understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) drivers and emerging trends • Explore the ways in which companies partner with nonprofits • Learn how to effectively partner with businesses of any size to garner and deepen support • Identify potential opportunities to enhance your strategic partnerships with CSR-minded companies
​"The speaker was able to impart the technical topic in an easily understood manner for those non-tech people attending. He responded to questions well, and helped people understand both the issues and solutions."

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