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*NEW Rockville Location -- *NON-PROFIT EXCLUSIVE: LinkedIn for Nonprofits - Optimizing LinkedIn to Attract Donors, Contributors, Board Members, Share Your Vision and Drive Visibility
Whether you are a nonprofit organization, business professional, an entrepreneur, small business owner, or developing your company’s social media strategy, LinkedIn is a virtual goldmine, offering endless opportunities.
Raffa Marketing Group
Kelly T. Leonard, CEO, Taylor-Leonard Corporation
9/19/2017 12:00 PM EST
9/19/2017 2:00 PM EST
Raffa - 1445 Research Boulevard, Ground Floor, Rockville, MD 20850
Discover the relevance of social media/LinkedIn for non-profit organizations. Learn how organizations are adapting to social media/digital technology. Understand the importance of being A.L.I.V.ETM [Accurate, Locatable, Impactful, Value-Based, and Engaging]; personally and organizationally. Explore the best practices for non-profit leaders and business professionals to get the most from LinkedIn. Learn strategies to effectively use LinkedIn to build relationships with potential donors, supporters, volunteers and more...
​"The speaker was able to impart the technical topic in an easily understood manner for those non-tech people attending. He responded to questions well, and helped people understand both the issues and solutions."

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