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The Top 5 GovCon Compliance Issues for 2018

Government contractors are under more scrutiny by the DCAA to effectively manage their contracts and stay compliant in a very competitive environment.  The challenge for government contractors is adhering to the DCAA regulatory environment while maintaining profitability on your contracts.  Understanding the regulatory environment is critical to running profitable contracts that comply with the changing landscape of the DCAA, FAR and CAS regulations. 

Join the Raffa Technology team for an update on the regulatory landscape and the best practices for keeping your organization DCAA compliant along with a presentation of JAMIS software.

Raffa Tech
Glenn Anstead, Raffa Partner
Mark Hoffman, CPA, CPCM
Brett Martin, Raffa Senior Consultant
12/6/2017 9:30 AM EST
12/6/2017 11:30 AM EST
Raffa - 1445 Research Boulevard, Ground Floor, Rockville, MD 20850
Computer Software & Applications
After this seminar attendees will be able to: 1. Learn about the new DCAA regulations 2. Apply best practices for passing successful DCAA audits 3. Learn how JAMIS software can solve your business challenges.
11/7/2017 12:00 AM
11/7/2017 12:00 AM
Buu-Linh Tran, Senior Manager
​"The speaker was able to impart the technical topic in an easily understood manner for those non-tech people attending. He responded to questions well, and helped people understand both the issues and solutions."

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