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Companies for Causes (CforC) Prepares for 2010 Campaign Launch | News Release

Campaign to Inspire and Support Social Responsibility Programs in Metro D.C. Area

July 21, 2010


Allison & Partners
Karyn Barr, 202-223-9260

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WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Make socially responsible connections that count. Today, Raffa, P.C. announced the launch of the 2010 Companies for Causes (CforC) campaign – a new social responsibility program that seeks to partner regional D.C. businesses with the non-profit sector. Modeling the power of private sector philanthropic collaboration, CforC brings together a group of like-minded companies and firms who seek to champion a corporate culture of giving within the Greater Washington region and expand donations by stimulating corporate and individual philanthropy.

“The Companies for Causes campaign will serve as a vehicle to harness and leverage that collective passion for the benefit of the community”
Working collaboratively and with pooled resources from six founding partners, the Companies for Causes’ campaign will include a series of strategic philanthropy workshops, special events, networking opportunities, and co-branded sponsorships that are specially designed to:

  • Champion and stimulate CSR in the Greater DC region.
  • Showcase and share best social responsibility practices with small and mid-size businesses.
  • Expand nonprofits’ visibility and access to private sector donor audiences.
  • Leverage increased philanthropic support for nonprofits.
  • Stimulate cross-sector philanthropic collaboration.

“The Companies for Causes campaign will serve as a vehicle to harness and leverage that collective passion for the benefit of the community,” said Thomas J. Raffa, CEO of Raffa, P.C. “As of earlier this week, we have six partners committed to our 2010 effort with that number growing. We look forward to the great work that we can do together as ambassadors of corporate social responsibility and on developing a community business foundation that wisely partners and invests in the non-profit sector."

To date, six companies have pledged their time and three-year commitment to serving as founding partners for the 2010 campaign. These companies include Raffa, P.C., Allison & Partners, Anybill, TerpSys, Geppetto Catering, and OPX. Membership to the "Founder’s Club” remains open with CforC welcoming additional founders through the end date of September 30, 2010.

In addition to the philanthropic benefits this initiative will generate for the non-profit sector, Companies for Causes will provide its members the opportunity to cultivate close-knit relationships with other businesses who share their values and their desire to develop a strong cross-referral business network.

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