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How You Can Change the World: Corporate Social Responsibility | Disclosures Magazine​​
January 1, 2009

Tom Raffa wrote this article on corporate social responsibility for the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants' magazine, Disclosures:

Last winter, I attended a conference that convened partners of more than 100 CPA firms from throughout the United States. Over the course of a few days, there were discussion sessions on firm strategic planning, the dynamics of the new millennial generation, reducing staff turnover and other such helpful topics. And to conclude the conference, the president of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) discussed the state of our profession as well as the need for civic engagement and volunteerism.

Now, I likely have a large ego, but our firm seemed to be so far ahead of most of my comrades in so many of these areas. In fact, in some cases, these partners of my friendly competitors were simply not getting it at all.

Let’s talk about a strategic plan and a mission statement for your firm. Many of my friends at the conference had none. When asked to break into groups to develop what might comprise such a vision, most came up with statements such as “grow the practice” and “increase profitability.”