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​Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide
The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide: Proven Paths for Leaders and Organizations

by Tom Adams, published by Jossey-Bass

Great nonprofits seem to hum. Passionate staff, dedicated board members, sensational outcomes, satisfied clients, and devoted donors tell the story. That story is leadership. But over the next five years, more nonprofit leaders will leave than ever before. Great nonprofits will need to sustain their success, while emerging ones will face wonderful new opportunities.

The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide shows you how to seize the moment. Author Tom Adams shares secrets used with over 400 organizations over decades of experience as a leader and consultant. He'll teach you to harness the power of emotions in transition, how great founders lead stellar transitions, and how to diversify leadership. You'll see how to capitalize on the three critical stages of transition, how strategic succession plans lift the organization, why you must prepare today for emergency leaves, and what to do when the leader says, "it's time for me to retire." Finally, you'll learn how to apply proven Fortune 500 talent management methods that help even the smallest organizations grow their own great leaders. The result: A better-run, better-prepared nonprofit—the kind of humming organization that inspires ongoing success.

- Kindle Edition: $25.49
- Paperback: $34.29