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​Human Resources

The Basics

The Connecticut Association of Nonprofits has put together a very comprehensive group of links to handbooks, templates and publications that pertain to personnel. Need a confidentiality agreement? Find a template here. Don’t understand HIPAA? Click on a link here, and you’ll find some help.

Easy-to-read lesson on hiring and firing and other HR topics, brought to you by 
Centerpoint for Leaders, a DC-based organization that provides programs and services for nonprofit and community leaders.

Free Manangement Library has put together a veritable course on HR, broken down by topics pertaining to salary, retaining good employees and where the industry is going. The course is available in numerous languages.

The Society for Human Resource Management’s online journal contains articles of interest to HR managers.

Free monthly HR newsletters.

The online networking community for HR folks provides publications you can get for free that include blogs, book reviews, and white papers.​

Compensation Planning

Via Simply Hired, learn more about average salaries at nonprofit organizations.

Idealist.com provides links to numerous salary surveys, some of which are free.

Employee Relations

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) was created by the U.S. Department of Labor and was last updated in 1991. 

Cornell University’s law school presents a thorough primer on discrimination in the workplace in language non-lawyers can understand. The various laws pertaining to the subject are linked here, as well.

Read the code itself and keep abreast of updates through this website from Cornell University’s law school.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has a comprehensive HR policy, broken down by categories such as employee status change, benefits and absences.

Employee Benefit Planning

The IFEBP offers books and research reports on a variety of employee benefit topics.

Here’s the site to visit for details on recent regulatory, judicial and legislative highlights, Capitol Hill testimony and media resources related to employer-sponsored pension and health care benefits.

The Internal Revenue Service lists links to its own regulations on the subject, as well as a link to newsletter articles that could interest nonprofit HR professionals.

Links to information and services for employers sponsoring employee benefit plans, includes news, publications, message boards, Q and As and links.

The institute (EBRI) gathers, documents, analyzes and presents information that could shape the employee benefit programs of the future through news, briefs and articles.

This federal agency’s site presents legal material (regulations, opinion letters and technical updates), pension news (media releases, fact sheets and speeches), information for employers, plan administrators, workers, retirees and their families.

Cornell University Law School provides background on federal pension laws.

Long, helpful document from the American Institute of CPAs to get you through planning your organization’s benefits plan.

Cornell University Law School presents the full text of the federal code.

The agency’s website has links to publications, FAQs, research, statistics and news.

Raffa’s Employee Benefit Practice Group maintains this site, which provides updates from the U.S. Department of Labor, the IRS, and other agencies that play important roles in employee benefits.

Want to bone up on changes to this section of the IRS code that govern plans sponsored by nonprofits? Raffa keeps this site current and also gives users a sample auditor’s request list.

Management Skills 

This article from Free Management Library covers interviewing and being interviewed. 

This download from Microsoft Office covers everything a new employee would need to know, from policies to parking.

An online reference guide to a broad range of human resource topics written by various HR experts. "Avoid split personality work environments" is a particularly interesting section on an aspect of work that many talk about but few actually address.

Written by two professors in Georgia, this report covers everything one would need to know to set up an HR department. It also includes a list of questions often asked in interviews that are illegal and a sample job application.

This is the American Evaluation Association’s code of standards for personnel evaluation.

Are we missing something?  Let us know via email!
Are we missing something? Let us know via email!