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​C-Suite Search

Developing a strong leadership team.

When senior management positions align well across the leadership team, nonprofits set themselves up to thrive in the near and long-term. Raffa Nonprofit Search helps executives and hiring teams think strategically about how to leverage the transition in senior management or add new capacity to the leadership team to advance their mission and long-term sustainability.

Each nonprofit has unique needs when it comes to senior-level leadership searches. Mission-driven organizations are looking for more than a list of skills, experiences and credentials. Raffa knows that candidates also need to be well matched with the culture of the organization to be successful additions to the team.

Raffa calibrates the C-Suite search process to best fit the needs of each client by:

  • Deeply understanding the strategic and technical requirements of the position.
  • Clarifying the reporting and decision-making structure of the position within the organization’s infrastructure.
  • Helping the hiring team identify the key staff and/or board that may be involved in the selection process.
  • Ensuring the search incorporates relevant internal human resources practices.
  • Working with the hiring manager to ensure an effective orientation and onboarding process.
  • Developing a robust, diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Raffa Nonprofit Search specializes in searches for:

  • COOs, CFOs, CAOs and CDOs
  • Deputy Directors and Executive Vice Presidents
  • Directors of Development, Programs, Finance and Administration

Raffa guides the nonprofit in positioning new talent and capacity within the leadership team to support the organization’s long-term sustainability and increased mission impact. Raffa leads the search and transition, enabling executives and staff to remain focused on their current priorities.

​Contact us via email or call 202-955-7244 to find out how Raffa can help with your Nonprofit Search needs.