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​Executive Search

Finding exceptional leaders who fit, stick and perform.

When an organization makes a good hire and facilitates a strong transition, they do more than just fill a personnel need. They leverage the opportunity inherent in a transition and increase their capacity to pursue their mission. Raffa Nonprofit Search helps executives, boards and hiring committees think strategically about the current and future needs of their organization and hire exceptional CEOs who add capacity and advance the organization’s long-term sustainability.

The selection and hiring of a new CEO or Executive Director is one of the most important Board responsibilities. Raffa Nonprofit Search partners with Transition and Search Committees to guide a successful process that selects a new executive who fits the future leadership needs and culture of the nonprofit, sticks with the work and performs at a high level. We know that candidates who will advance the organization – and who will thrive for many years – have to be a good match for the mission and culture of each nonprofit. Key assets of our services include:

  • Aligning the process with the organization’s calendar, decision-making structure, and culture.
  • Building strong relationships with board committees, executives and staff to produce a great outcome and have the search process reflect positively on the organization as a whole.
  • Ensuring clarity and alignment about strategic direction, near-term priorities and long-term goals for future sustainability.
  • Developing a diverse and outstanding pool of candidates based on a deep understanding of the organization and its needs.
  • Focusing on important transition issues to support a great hand-off from the departing executive to the new executive.
  • Supporting the hire of an interim executive, when needed, to facilitate a leadership change, giving the nonprofit the time it needs to make smart decisions about the future.

Raffa Nonprofit Search works with organizations all around the United States and with a wide range of missions. Our proven search and transition methods are successful across the sector.

Contact us via email or call 202-955-7244 to find out how Raffa can help with your Nonprofit Search needs.