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Nonprofit Search C-Suite Transition

When an organization makes a good hire and facilitates a strong transition, they not only fill their personnel need, they also increase their capacity to pursue their mission. Raffa helps nonprofits on all fronts.

When top positions are aligned really well with the rest of the leadership team, nonprofits set themselves up to thrive in the near and long-term. Raffa helps executives, Boards and hiring committees think strategically about how their leadership positions can enable them to advance their mission and about what skills, experience and temperaments are required in those positions.

Nonprofits have unique needs when it comes to senior level leadership search and placement services. Mission-driven organizations aren’t just looking to meet specific experience and skill criteria. The ideal management candidate even differs from nonprofit to nonprofit. Raffa doesn’t conduct generic searches. We know that candidates who will advance the organization – and who will thrive for many years – have to be a good match for the mission and the culture of every nonprofit.

Raffa maintains strong relationships with executives, directors, board members and staff, and these connections help us find the best candidates for important jobs within the nonprofit community. We help our clients hire:

  • Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs and CIOs;
  • Corporate Counsel, Development Officers and Communications Directors;
  • Deputy Directors, Executive Vice Presidents

The services we offer to help you make a better choice include:

  • Pre-search assessment and planning to help you calibrate the job to where your nonprofit is headed, not where it has been.
  • A national candidate database to build the strongest possible candidate pool and ensure diversity.
  • A nationwide and deep network of referral sources to target the best leadership in the nonprofit sector.
  • A rigorous and time-tested multi-stage interview process that brings the power and wisdom of our hundreds of searches to your selection process.
  • Unique executive transition management services that spot legacy issues that might otherwise undermine the new executive’s performance.
  • Post-hire services that help your new executive get off to a fast start by ensuring clarity about roles, goals and responsibilities.