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Raffa Services
Raffa Services

Raffa Nonprofit Search & Succession helps nonprofit boards and CEOs achieve sustainability, in part, through effective succession planning.

Raffa offers new tools and cutting edge thinking about leadership sustainability and succession planning that minimizes risks of planned and unplanned transitions and builds organizational capacity in the process.

Our core Succession Planning and Sustainability services include:

  • Succession Essentials - development of a backup plan for unplanned absences of the chief executive (and the senior executive leadership, if appropriate), and a succession policy to address planned transitions.
  • Leader Development and Talent Management - planning that advances a leader development culture and practice. Links leadership development to strategic goals and the business plan, and identifies training/developmental opportunities, provides guidance on senior management structure and identifies key hires to round out a team. For larger organizations, more advanced planning results in a Talent Management Plan.
  • Departure-Defined Succession Planning - assistance for chief executives planning to leave in one to four years and their boards. A combination of coaching and planning focused on preparing the executive for his/her transition, strengthening the board, preparing the organization for change, and increasing leadership capacity in preparation for the transition.

Benefits of succession and sustainability planning include:

  • Reduced risk - minimize the risks of traumatic transitions and disruptions of organizational mission when a planned or unplanned transition occurs.
  • Sustainable leadership - broaden and depend your leadership team, help them grow and step up in new ways; deepen “bench strength” around mission critical competencies to nurture a leadership team needed for long-term success.
  • Greater alignment between leadership roles and strategic priorities - increase board’s and management teams’ fluency on leadership and leadership needs, and the link to strategic priorities.

"It's imperative for the future of your organization."
- Ron Simmons, Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc.