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Raffa Services

We don’t start with solutions.

Clients come to Raffa because they’ve been referred by others who have worked with us for years. They know that we walk our clients through a thoughtful process to uncover the challenges behind any service requested to ensure the solution meets the needs.

Whether it's Accounting, Consulting, Technology or Human Resources, we start with a thorough process of assessment and implementation. We strive to understand your current state, identify areas needing improvements and clarify and define service expectations.

Because of our expertise with all aspects of the operational infrastructure of nonprofits, Raffa is able to approach our work with each client with the knowledge and background to reach solutions others may not have the insights to propose. We can foresee problems, offer creative solutions to challenges or highlight opportunities that other consultants may miss.

Once the challenges and goals have been outlined and agreed to, Raffa’s team works to establish a path to overcome the challenges and to achieve the goals. We remain a partner to our clients throughout the process, revising the plan when needed and pushing to completion.

Contact us via email, or call 202.822.5000 to find out how Raffa can help you with your Accounting needs.​​
"In the nonprofit sector, fraud is a huge, $40 billion-a-year business and our board was concerned, not that fraud was happening here, but that we had appropriate controls. That was one of the things that we had Raffa come in to do an independent review… They did a bang up job and the board was very pleased with the results."

Ken Korotky
Chief Financial Officer
American College of Radiology
Raffa was again named a "Top 100 Firm" by Inside Public Accounting. IPA's rankings are among the longest-running, most accurate and up-to-date for the nation's largest accounting firms.