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Exit, Transition and Succession (ETS)
Most owners sell or transition a business once in their life. We will help plan and manage an exit strategy, transition or succession of your company. Businesses sell for optimal prices when the economy is strong and a business has taken steps to present a favorable financial and operational environment. In order to leverage your position, buyers need to see strong financials supported by an organization that is not dependent on one or two people to continue to make the company successful.
The ETS Blueprint
This is the “master plan” which will vary based on your objectives. Our team will design a plan to address the financial, tax, human resource, insurance, investment and emotional needs to help guide you through the process.
Progress Meetings
We conduct formal review sessions to ensure the steps outlined in your blueprint are moving forward. The frequency and length of these meetings vary based on the progress being made on the steps and how close you are to putting the company up for sale or initiating a succession plan.
Our Process
·         Establishes a baseline starting point.
·         Decides a transition path; family succession, sale to a third party, or a sale to employees.
·         Creates transition path timelines.
·         Or; consider reversing the process and use ETS to buy or merge a business into you.
A Complete Service
Your Raffa team will provide, coordinate or identify
·         A comprehensive strategy
·         Conduct financial due diligence
·         Identify a broker to help you sell to a qualified party
·         Provide the tax, insurance and wealth management strategies

To start discussions, please contact your Raffa partner or if you are new to Raffa please contact either:
·         Jane Horn, Partner   301.770.3750   jhorn@Raffa.com
·         Mitra Mamdouhi, Partner   301.770.3750   mmamdouhi@Raffa.com
INSIDE Public Accounting’s (IPA’s)
Raffa was again named a "Top 100 Firm" by Inside Public Accounting. IPA’s rankings are among the longest-running, most accurate and up-to-date for the nation’s largest accounting firms.