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Raffa Services
Raffa Services

Know where you want to go, but not quite sure how to get there? Raffa can help.

Raffa will work with your board, senior leadership, funders and clients to assess how your vision and strategies align across stakeholder groups. We serve as an impartial third party to strategically work through challenges and opportunities. 

Our nonprofit and business experts work through critical questions that are often difficult to address:
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve and what role do you play in the solution?
  • How should you be measuring success? 
  • Who do you need on your team to make your vision a reality?
  • Have there been external changes in the environment in which you do your work, and do these changes suggest a modification of your vision? 
  • Can you demonstrate to your funders and other stakeholders that you are engaged in something important and are worthy of continued support? 

Answering these and other strategic questions will put you on a path toward success. Raffa's team can help you identify the questions, the answers and the next steps to reach your goals.

As part of our strategic planning services, Raffa also works with clients to establish or revise governance policies - the procedures and controls overseeing management, staff, boards and volunteers to ensure a smoothly operating organization. Setting up an effective governance structure will help ensure proper management of staff and resources, legal and ethical integrity, ongoing financial viability and compliance with laws and regulations. Governance activities should also guide strategic decision making for the organization.

Contact us via email, or call 202.822.5000 to find out how Raffa can support your Strategic Planning efforts.​​​​​
Halifax International Security Forum
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"Several auditing firms referred us to Raffa and told us that they were the folks that had the most experience with providing consulting services to nonprofits and services that would help them establish themselves and grow, and that’s exactly what we found with Raffa."

Joseph Hall
Vice President

Halifax International Security Forum
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