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Raffa Services

Professional Services investment advisory

We understand just how important transparency and clarity are in the nonprofit sector.

Through clear, concise reporting and personal communication and interaction, we function as an objective source of financial guidance. We provide the support you need to interact with your Board and executive committees on a regular basis and report to them with knowledge and conviction.

Above all, we know you’re looking to us to maximize the performance of your investment portfolio, so we offer solutions backed by academic research that seek to do just that. We employ an "asset class" based investment approach in an effort to deliver comprehensive market diversification among low or non-correlated assets at the lowest possible cost.

We strongly believe that eliminating unnecessary risks and expenses, and embracing the fundamentals that drive investment returns, provides for the greatest opportunity to achieve successful long-term investment outcomes

When it comes to investing, simple is good.

Contact us via email, or call 202.955.6734 to find out how Raffa can improve your Portfolio Management.​​

Raffa has again been nationally recognized by Accounting Today for our breadth of quality services and deep bench of expertise across an array of services. The most recent report ranks Raffa 85th in the nation and 3rd in the National Capital Region.