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By Glenn Anstead, Partner, Raffa Technology and Dan Rusert, JAMIS
Whether you are large or small organization, there are certain critical key performance metrics (KPI’s) that will allow you to manage and monitor results more effectively. In order to navigate the complex waters of federal funding, keeping your fingers on the pulse of your business is essential. Most federally funded organizations use a sophisticated ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that supports the complex calculations and reporting requirements necessary to be successful in the government funded space. 

Ransomware and Cybersecurity: What You Can Do to Prepare

​By Nate Solloway, Systems Engineer/Outsourced IT Manager, Raffa Technology
Ransomware is the hot - and detrimental - cybersecurity topic this season.  NotPetya malware wreaked havoc across the Ukraine and some EU member countries over a few days this past summer.  In the United States, Merck Pharmaceutical took weeks to recover and was unable to manufacturer or ship product.   A West Virginia hospital had to replace the bulk of workstations and servers after a ransomware attack cut off their access to patient records.

Don't WannaCry? Ransomware Survival Tips

​By Nate Solloway, Raffa Systems Engineer/Outsourced IT Manager
The WannaCry Ransomware (WannaCry) attack is an ongoing worldwide cyberattack that targets Microsoft Windows operating systems.  First emerging on Friday, May 12, 2017, WannaCry has been described as unprecedented in scale, infecting more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries. This virus exploits vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. The exposed data on these vulnerable computers are encrypted and therefore unusable. This worm exploits unpatched holes on the PC and rapidly spreads to other computers on the same network. Encrypting files on every computer it touches, this virus removes access to an organization’s vital data.

Defending from the Ransomware Threat

​​By Nate Solloway, Raffa Systems Engineer/Outsourced IT Manager
Malware and specifically ransomware have become big business.  You might have seen this happen to a friend or colleague.  They visit a website link or open a spam email, and rapidly thereafter important documents on their computer are no longer available.

Microsoft Dynamics SL for Government Contractors

​Microsoft Dynamics SL is a project focused enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with a wide variety of uses from government contracting to construction and from professional services to project manufacturing.

Shoot for the Cloud(s)

​Outsourcing has been enabled by newer technologies like ‘cloud’ and ‘virtualization’ so that they CAN be offered on a bureau basis very effectively. Modern platforms are secure, reliable and much easier to adopt.​​

Managing Key Systems In The Cloud

​Companies and organizations are discovering some of the benefits of cloud-based services, such as Google Apps, Salesforce, and Dropbox. Raffa is seeing a significant increase in the demand for Cloud solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Utilize tools from Microsoft that allow you to take the everyday operational activity tasks you perform in day-to-day project management and turn them into the catalyst used to drive Financial tracking and Decision Making information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

​For more than 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered the functionality, performance, and ease of use that power diverse businesses around the world. From financials and human resource management to manufacturing and operations, Microsoft Dynamics GP brings people and systems together to help you run your business more efficiently.

​Intacct's Cloud Solutions

​Reduce your manual effort, improve reporting, increase productivity, provide better visibility to your financials, and substantially protect the security of your ERP system when you move to this best of breed Cloud solution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Statement of Direction

​This document includes an overview, brief history and strategic direction of Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as more detailed information about the next release.

​Microsoft Dynamics SL Statement of Direction

​This document includes an overview, brief history and strategic direction of Microsoft Dynamics SL, as well as more detailed information about the next release.

How Raffa and Microsoft Dynamics SL Supports Government Contract

​​As government contractors strive to integrate data and simplify processes, they need flexibility, visibility and scalability.  In fact, the need for integration with other systems has never been more important.