Raffa Social Capital Investors

Social Capital Advisors our team​​​​​​​​

​​Raffa Social Capital Advisors’ team has already coached more than 500 of the world’s leading change agents, including conducting America’s first statewide social entrepreneur competitions, and sourced more than $20M in investments. 

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Our team includes the engine of Raffa, P.C., which has provided financial and back office services to more than 6,000 social enterprises and nonprofits over the past 30 years making it the nation’s leading financial service organization in the social change arena.


tom raffa.jpgTom Raffa is CEO of the nation’s leading social enterprise and nonprofit accounting firm. Raffa, P.C. has created the financial infrastructure for more than 6,000 successful social enterprises and nonprofits. A social entrepreneur himself, Tom has coached other entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders for more than 20 years.

rich tafel.JPGRich Tafel is the Managing Director of Raffa Social Capital Advisors and the former President of Public Squared, a social entrepreneur strategy-consulting firm. He launched the nation’s first statewide social entrepreneur competition in the nation in 2013 and has personally coached more than 600 social entrepreneurs.


The combined resources and knowledge of the Raffa team and Public Squared make this new model the most likely to transform social enterprise investing in America from a good story to a world-changing success.​