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​Succession Planning

Departures of high-performing leaders can threaten the success of an organization. Proactive attention to succession planning –  developing, retaining, and transitioning leaders – is the proven way to ensure your organization has the leadership required for long-term impact.

Raffa’s Succession and Sustainability practice helps your organization develop succession planning through:

  • Bench Strength Review – Reviewing the depth of your management team’s “bench” is critical. We identify backup scenarios for key positions to limit risk in case of absences. Our approach supports the management team to be stronger leaders and, where appropriate, in rethinking management structure and roles.

  • Succession Policy and Plan – A written executive succession policy is prudent business practice  for all organizations. We tailor the policy to your unique needs and facilitate what can be an awkward conversation for Board leaders and the CEO to develop an appropriate succession or transition plan.

  • Emergency Backup Plans – Emergency backup planning results in detailed analyses of key functions and relationships for all executives and senior managers to avoid destabilizing, unplanned absences. The plan also identifies backups for each function and essential cross-training needs.

  • Leader Development for Senior Managers and Organizations – Our leader development approach builds on your strengths and introduces concrete steps to advance a culture to support future leaders within your organization. Grooming internal talent will build a more dedicated and well-trained team of potential leaders when executive transitions occur.

Our clients often combine succession planning with sustainability planning. This powerful process puts succession planning in the context of possible mission and strategy changes on the horizon.

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The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide shows how to capitalize on the three critical stages of transition and how strategic succession plans lift the organization.