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Sustainability Planning

Board members and executives want to be sure the good work of today doesn’t disappear tomorrow because of changing times and needs. We offer an effective process for executives, Boards and management teams to identify and build on strengths, and define an action plan that leads to a more sustainable organization in the long term.

Long-term executives turn to us to ensure continuity of mission long after their tenure. Newer executives and their Boards turn to us to help them go beyond a traditional strategic plan. We tailor our services to meet the needs and goals of your organization.

Raffa’s sustainability planning services include:

  • Sustainability Review and Action Plan – A review of four core areas related to the organization’s sustainability: strategy/business model, resources, leadership, and culture. We develop a tailored plan that provides short- and long-term action items to support goals related to these core areas. This work varies by client need, but the final plan may include a detailed look at how a changing business or policy environment is influencing the client’s strategy or business model. We may also review Board composition and tenure, offer steps for building an effective executive team, or plan for multiple executive or Board departures. Our goal is to help anticipate and plan for issues and opportunities that will impact your ability to drive change.

  • Core Activities and Lines of Business Review – Organizations strive to use scarce resources to do the most good to advance their mission. Internal assessments of how well each particular program or activity is performing in the context of financial trends can be difficult. This exercise advances internal discussions about the relative strength, impact, and financial viability of each core activity. Understanding mission impact in the context of an ever-changing financial landscape is a key component in sustainability planning.

Organizations that need attention to succession planning and want to advance internal leadership development often combine sustainability planning with succession planning.

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"Absolutely necessary for any leader considering this stage in their life as well as the sustainability of their organization."
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