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​Transition Planning

Every organization experiences change. How successfully they deal with that change determines how well they will meet their mission for years to come. The most common change is a leadership transition, but changes to mission, structure, and funding also occur. Raffa has a 15-year track record of successfully guiding executives and organizations through transitions.

There are proven practices which reduce the risks and accentuate advances for organizations during executive transition.

Our transition planning services include:

  • Executive Transition Planning and Coaching – Executives may be conflicted about when and how to leave. Our one-on-one coaching service, combined with our two-day Next Steps workshop, provides a safe partner for the executive to clarify personal and organizational goals to facilitate decisions about when and how to engage with the Board and management team. This service can also include assistance for the Board to design an exit agreement with the departing executive. Many good organizations and their missions suffer unnecessarily because of poorly planned and managed executive transitions.

  • Organizational Transition Planning – We help organizations prepare for and manage operational changes. Sometimes an executive transition is so imminent that we focus immediately on how to manage the leadership change as opposed to broader succession and sustainability planning. In other situations, an organization is undergoing a significant change in funding, the services it offers, its staffing structure, or even its overall mission. We work closely with Boards and executives to manage major changes and build stronger organizations.

  • New Executive Onboarding – Too many new executives don’t survive their first year, and Daring to Lead reports a third of executives are forced out. Successful onboarding and support in the first three years lead to longer and more successful tenures. More than 85 percent of the executives we place stay for three or more years, far above industry averages. We build positive agreements and expectations between Boards and new executives to set the new leaders up for success.

We also offer a full complement of Executive-level search services to ensure your organization hires the new leader it requires.

Contact us via email or call 202-955-7245 to find out how Raffa can help with your Succession and Sustainability needs.
The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide shows how to capitalize on the three critical stages of transition and how strategic succession plans lift the organization.