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 401(k) and 403(b)

New regulations and volatile markets are causing uncertainty and concern from both retirement plan sponsors and participants.

The need to attract and retain quality employees remains critical. We can ease your mind, improve your plan’s efficiency, and empower your participants to achieve their long term retirement goals.​

Raffa Wealth Management is an independent registered investment advisor offering comprehensive retirement plan consulting and investment fiduciary services. Our principals have over 20 years of experience advising both for-profit and nonprofit plan sponsors. 

What makes us different is our depth of understanding about what drives investment returns and our rigorous due diligence processes in seeking to identify the funds that will provide employees the best possible opportunity to achieve their goals. 

  • ​Improve the Current Plan - We support most plan platforms and can typically improve the level of service, cost, and education of the plan you currently offer. We perform our due diligence process on all of the investments available on a given platform. The desired outcome is a leaner fund line up consisting only of the funds that have delivered as expected and that operate with the efficiency and diversification necessary for good performance to continue. 
  • Move to a better a plan - If you’re current platform is not operating at peak performance – if service is poor, technology and reporting is weak, or investments are weighted down by high fees – we’ll make the transition to a better platform seamless. Technology has leveled the playing field and boutique firms are offering compelling value propositions. From an insider’s perspective, we know what works and we’ll get it working for you. Let us support your next RFP.​
Fund Selection and Due Diligence
From an objective perspective we apply extensive academic research to identify the investments we believe will most reliably meet or exceed traditional market indexes. Among other criteria - we believe that low costs, lower turnover, and broad diversification are necessary for an investment to deliver consistent performance. 

Fund line ups will include allocation model funds that we manage directly or are managed by a highly regarded mutual fund provider. Regardless of the platform, the investments are monitored to make sure they are performing as expected or replacements will be recommended. Our investment philosophy is fully aligned with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.  Download RWM’s Qualified Plan Due Diligence Process.

Limit Liability
As a registered investment advisor, we can limit your liability by assuming fiduciary responsibility with regard to the investments in your retirement plan. Litigation is driving new regulations and plan sponsors need to be advised to protect themselves and plan assets. Despite all of the uncertainty that surrounds the markets today you can control the critical factors that are the heart of prudent investing; Risk, Fees, and Diversification. 

We can limit your liability by monitoring investments, maintaining a well written Investment Policy Statement, helping to prevent prohibited transactions, and making sure that your plan document meets the new regulations. Our approach ensures you no conflicts of interest and complete fee transparency. Download "DOL’s meeting your fiduciary responsibility."

Advice and Education
Simple and direct communication and education programs will empower your participants to pursue their retirement goals more wisely. As plan participation grows, so will employee satisfaction and retention.

As a plan fiduciary, we’ll provide personalized investment advice to your employees. We offer clear, easy to use tools and state of the art planning techniques to create custom retirement plan strategies. We seek to build personal relationships and become part of each client’s corporate culture. Ultimately our goal is to be relied upon as a trusted source of financial guidance. Click here for helpful retirement planning calculators​.
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